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    Hi there, I'm a cosplayer and photographer from Belarus. Links:
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    Hi. my name is Maria I am a cosplayer from Russia. I have begun creativity in this direction recently therefore, please, don't judge strictly. Thanks My FaceBook Instagram exxxsclusive materials on my Patreon やあ。私の名前が、マリアです 私は、ロシアからのコスプレ人です。 私はしたがって、最近この方向で創造力を開始して、好きで、厳しく審判しません。 ありがとう
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    Welcome on my cosplay page! Nice to meet you. My name is Thyra ^-^
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    Emanuele, In my twenties, Italian Cosplay Photographer (always trying to improve), former cosplayer. Feel free to message me if you wish. You can follow me also on: ■ Facebook ---> ■ Deviantart ---> ■ Instagram ---> ■ Flickr ---> ■ Twitter --->
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    Hi, I'm Felicia. I"m from Russia. I love cosplay, video games and comics. 【Twitter】 【Instagram】 【Facebook】 【Deviantart】 【Tumblr】
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    Welcome to my profile! I'm Japanese-Indonesian mix. I've been cosplaying since late 2004,but for some reason I stopped and throw out all my Life as Cosplayer after 2 Years,and just starting again this year on late September 2015. ^_^ I swear! ♥Pinky fingers♥ To connect with me Thank you for visiting,don't forget to follow Theehee...!!! ♥ Facebook :
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    Hello, guys!! I'll keep this short. You may call me Mia. I'm from Canada currently in the Philippines. I'm a rookie artist, freelance model, musician, gamer, and a pet lover. (also a potato HAHA) You can keep in touch with me on Facebook: And Instagram: jeremiaescueta Also you can donate to my ko-fi: (I make sketch and fansigns for supporters in ko-fi) Thank you in advanced for all the likes and comments <3
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    Hi! I'm cosplayer since 2014 :) I love games, fantasy and lately I started to discover manga&anime :D
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    Hello everyone, i'm Sen from Vietnam. I have a big love with Manga, Anime and Cosplay. So, come into my wall and enjoy it! Love ya :3
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     はじめまして。ねこみかんと申します! 東方projectのゲームのキャラクターのコスプレしてます。 勿論気になったアニメ等のコスプレもしております。 主に女装コスがメインですが、女性に見える様にメイクなど頑張ります! Hello! Nice to meet too. My name is "Nekomikan". (:3) I like the PC game "Touhou Project" very very much and cosplay its characters. I also cosplay characters I like from other anime. I'm a man but I usually cosplay female characters. I'm doing my best with makeup and the like to make my cosplay cute♪ Thank you. TwitterID : @mikangyuunyu アーカイブ : 334273
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    日本(関東)でちまちま活動しているヘタレイヤー。 乙女ゲーム・ネオロマ中心にオールジャンルやってます。 My name is Akioshi,the cosplayer in Japan. My English is not so good. But I want to meet people who love Japanese Anime,and talk a lot. Twitter:akio435(Japanese language only) Cosplayers Archive:75170
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    I am from Russia. I make cosplay costumes, wigs and make-up.I love being on stage and photographed WCS team Russia 2014 and 2014 champion of World Cosplay Summit 💖💕💖💕💖 Support my work on patreon Please follow it ;)
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