Saber Kiryuu (Saber)
My name is Justine, and I'm beginner cosplayer from Poland.
I love making and wearing cosplays from games and anime.
Specially from Touhou, because it's all my life! :D
I want to become better, because I think cosplay can be passion, hobby, even work.
But it can also helps to change opinion about yourself, and that's a lot for me ^^
And I hope you enjoyed my cosplays!

You can find me here:
  • WorldCosplay No.546610
  • NicknameSaber Kiryuu
  • Пол Женский
  • Age 23
  • СтранаRzeczpospolita Polska
  • Birthday 07/13
  • 玲
  • 네타
  • Sarenka z Aparatem
  • Kise
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  • みゅみゅ
  • S U Z U M E
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