Lucy Minene (Luciana Vidal)
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    Hi everyone! My name is Ashmi✩ and I am an Australian Cosplayer! All cosplays are handmade and progress pictures can be found on my Instagram. Find me on Instagram as @Ashmicos
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  • Singapore
    Hello! I am Hanasaki from Singapore! Thank you so much for stopping by and i hope you will like my cosplays! ............................................................................... Instagram: Facebook:
  • Poland
    Hi, I'm Denpun, photographer from Poland. I'm hope you will enjoy my work^^
  • Taiwan
    ● Facebook / ● Plurk /
  • seo
    Hello, My name is Seo, was Japanese cosplayer. I started cosplaying last August.20 2016 No more cosplay though, I love comics, anime! I love JUMP~ ツイッター等全て止めたので連絡毎あればこちらのメッセージ欄にてお願いします。 CWC登録日 2017/8/26〜 コスプレ開始日 2016/08/21
  • Mexico
    Puden encontrar más de mis proyectos aqui <3
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    Hi everyone! I`m Kanda Crosszeria. Hope you`ll enjoy my cosplay works ^__^ Also I will be happy to talk with you. So you can write to me whatever you want and whenever you want^^ You can follow me on Deviant, BCY, Facebook, Instagram and VK:
  • Japan
    関西在住のレイヤーです! 主にアニクラに出没しますが、最近はきちんとした撮影も増えてきてよりコスプレライフを楽しんでおります! よろしくお願いします('ω')
  • Taiwan
    大家好,我是魅澪,來自台灣,中部Coser,20歲,入圈五年。 主坑:黑執事/戀與製作人/狂賭深淵 作品: 【黑執事】 謝爾(兄)/重生版 啵醬(弟)/愛麗絲版▶馬戲團版▶豪華郵輪版▶睡衣版▶綠魔女服版▶日常服▶惡魔版▶送葬服 齊格林德·沙利文(綠魔女) 【戀與製作人】 女主(悠然)/日常服▶沉淪 Queen(黑化) 【狂賭深淵】 蛇喰夢子 【工作細胞】 血小板 【黃昏乙女X失憶幽靈】 庚夕子 【Fate】 尼祿 【LOL/K/DA(KILL DEATH ASSIST)】 伊芙琳Evelyn 【自殺突擊隊】 小丑女/哈莉·奎恩/電影版▶醫生版 【妖狐X僕SS】 凜凜蝶百鬼院/返祖版
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    大家好!我是中国的COSPLAYER初初~ Coser from China!Thank you for your support! Weibo: FB: bcy:
  • Syn
    United States
    Ko-Fi: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: Cosplayer based in bay area, CA! 少しだけ日本語を話します>< よろしく!
  • Italy
    Hi! I'm Laura, I'm 27 and i love make cosplay since 2005. Please if you want to support me or follow me, KoFi is here: and here if you want to check others photos please check my FB page <3
  • Viet Nam
    Started cosplaying in 07/2015
  • Japan
    I started cosplay from 28.1.2018 Hello I am riku and like cosplay! I can understand English and Japanese. Usually I use Japanese( *´﹀`* ) Follow OK Twitter→