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    I am a 18 year old boy who loves anything dealing with anime. I am a huge League of Legends and Fairy Tail fan. I also like Kpop and Jpop. I might try cosplaying once I ever decide on who to cosplay as and find a better paying job, xD. My instagrams is roofcopakali2.0 and neekonii. Feel free to message me about any good animes, cosplay tips/ideals, or just anything you feel comfortable with.
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    かわいい写真や、カッコイイ写真を、見るのが好きです。  よろしく お願いします。
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    Hi there, I'm Pandu! It's nice to meet you! I'm a cosplayer and college student from the United States. I started in 2011 and have been cosplaying for almost 6 years now! I've gotten more into my cosplays recently and I'm hoping to get much better as I progress! I hope you like my cosplays and we can be friends! Facebook: DeviantART:
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    cosplayer michoacano vida videojugadoril Eponimo personaje que según su descripción es un culero...bueno y quien es el verdulero que escribió esto
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    こんにちは~ わたし160!大家好,我是160? ☪✝✡☪✝✡☪✝✡☪✝✡ Twiiter:@160ismyname Facebook Page:160 is my name 微博:160酱 ?You Tube 160_cm
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    German/UK Cosplayer ,Living In germany Thank you for visit my page! <3 Please feel free to text me on Instagram or Here! My name is ItsAlright_Cosplay Aka Ollie or Connor or As In German Word "Kleiner" Instagram:
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    Hello there ?
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    さかともじょりと言います。 イタ車と自転車が好きです。 夢はイタリア人になることです。 Hello, I'm Jori Sakatomo. Everyone calls me Jori! I am a big fan of road bike and Italy car.
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    Hi.Thank you for showing me interest. I want to make friends withcosplayers. Feel free to follow me!? ✨Let's enjoy cosplay together!?✨ Thank you. Twitter… Facebook…
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    Hello, I'm Ruel a Filipino cosplayer, started cosplaying this year April 2016. Thank you for all the favorites, follows and supports that I'm receiving. Feel free to add/message me on my facebook account. Welcome to follow me. I'm friendly and feel to chat you everyone. Nice to meet you. My contacts - Facebook: - Twitter: - DeviantArt: