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    こんにちは私はコスプレイヤーです。 昔からアニメーションと漫画が好きで 今はコスプレをしています。 日本語は勉強していますが、 まだまだ下手です。 でも、英語より自信あります。 それでは、どうぞよろしくお願いします!
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    Hi, I'm roxanne, nice to meet you <3 I am a trans woman from Medellin Colombia art lover I am a classical musician, street dancer, I like to draw, act and everything that is art. - Instagram: I love animals and plants, please take care of them please. u\\-\\u and I am a lover of cosplay, I hope you like mine and I will work hard. A giant hug for you >\\u\\<
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    みなさん、こんにちは!(^_^)/ 私はマレーシアの新人コーザー:涼宮美咲です!(^_^)
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    Hello, Rizzy here! I am cosplayer a few years and I am here to share my work with you. I hope you like my costumes and my photos! Other medias: IG: @rizzyun DA: /rizzyun FB: /rizzyun Twitter: @rizzyunn Booth: Patreon:
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    Hello~ Iby des~^^ Cosplay is my fav hobby and Coffee is my fav drink ♡♡ Ahh yess. I do watch anime and read manga^^ FB page ❧ IG ❧ Twitter ❧
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    Who I am ? My name is océane and I am from France. I love video games and I like the cosplay. in this moment I make yuna of Final Fantasy X, Sora of kingdom hearts, Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII and serah of Final Fantasy XIII-2 . I hope to find fans like me ^^ Goodbye! Kiss You can follow me here : instagram:
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    Hi! Currently at snail pace to finally cosplay something! The profile picture is my fanart (detail). Can you tell where this character is from? Nice to meet you~! Lately I've been into Touken Ranbu. Meet me at Instagram See ya~!
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    hi! we are shoumeicos thanks for visit <3 ♥ facebook ♥: ♥ instagram ♥: