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    🌹Cosplayer for fun (since 2015) 🌹To be able to do what you love is a bless✨ Thank you for support🌷
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    Hello, fellow cosplayers and anime lovers~! <3 I am a cosplayer named "Shun" from Myanmar. I have been cosplaying since 2016 but not an active coser as I also have my personal life to handle. xD I want to share my cosplay updates here as a way to communicate with global cosplay community. Looking forward to have fun together with you guys~~! ^^
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    Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Yasnana, from Chile. 1990. Cosplayer since 2013. I love the anime/manga, the literature, and visual novels. I'm in a process to remade my first cosplays and improve the new ones, so I hope to show you better works from now so on. Bye bee~ Social Media: