Alessa Hasashi
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  • South Korea
    The Following are welcome♥ t☞@yyesornoo
  • Philippines
    Mabuhay! My name is Trii Formes. I am 19 years old, but just have re-spawned recently. Cosplayer from the Republika ng Pilipinas FB:
  • Japan
    Hello.nice to meet you. I'm EUTE(japanese). @lookjbc This is my page.Please show me. I think that I want to be connected to a world costume playear, and please improve it to this. 世界のレイアーさんともつながっていきたいなと思い、こちらにもUPさせていただきます。 other site.
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    ✦Hi! I'm a brazilian cosplayer, you may call me Isa ♥ ✦ It's a pleasure to share my cosplays with you! ★ ✦ Please feel free to contact me anytime ✦ 【INSTAGRAM】 @isapuru < > 【FACEBOOK】 【TWITTER】 @isapuru < > 【KO-FI】
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  • Ireland
    Hey Everyone Vanessa Here I'm a Anime Collector & Gamer and I'm Happy To Be Here Sharing My Passion For Cosplaying With All You Otaku I'm Just Your Everyday Otaku Lovely Wife.I Play Video Games on PS3 & PS4 My Favourite Characters Are Nepgear & Noire & Vert & Tomoe I'm A Big Fan Of Nepgear & I Have Two Cute Cats Named Angel & Princess But Most Important Thing In My Life Is My Husband Darrell I Love Him I Also Have A YouTube Channel Where I Unbox Neptunia & Anime Merchandise ect.
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  • United Kingdom
    hello you can call me henry or knives cosplay name philip knives from Edinburgh UK
  • United States
    I do a bit of everything, but you can probably find me at one of the following media sites on Twitch: , Facebook: , Twitter: , Instagram: , Youtube:
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  • aoi
    初めまして、こんにちわ。 桜井葵と申します。 日本・愛知でゆるく活動してます。 クオリティが低くて申し訳ないですが、日々精進していきたいです。 色々な方と交流していきたいです。 よろしくお願いいたします! I'm Aoi Sakurai. I can speak Japanese only. MUSIC XJAPAN/LUNA SEA/the GazettE/GRANRODEO/ヴィドール/アリス九號./INORAN/ METALLICA/Slipknot/ GAME ぼくのなつやすみ1~4/ときめきメモリアルGS1~3/FINAL FANTASY10,10-2/STORM LOVER/KLAP/十三支演義1,2/アルカナファミリア/GOD EATER2