Jormos Korii
  • United States
    I am a fashion consultant and I have contributed to the fashion world for decades. I managed a well-known fashion line. I have been lucky enough to work for countless other top brands.Moreover, I presented myself as style model in one of the biggest fashion show few years back. However, Hollywood movies are my passion. Many celebrities have remain my inspiration when it comes to fashion and style..
  • Colombia
    im colomibian cosplayer who make cosplays of wonder woman, cuz she is an amazing caracther, who give me alot inspiration in my life, my group in facebook, is
  • Mexico
    Hello I am Rosette Rouss I am cosplay and Cosmaker from San luis potosi (Mexico). Nuevo vídeo --> 【Ko-fi 】 【FanPage】 【Instagram】 【Youtube】 【Youtube】 【Twitter】
  • Canada
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  • Japan
    kanon(夏音)と申します T映のニチアサを中心に特撮のコスプレで活動してます。 毎年特撮大好きですがエグゼイドの花家先生が歴代作品の中でNo.1に好きです。 興味のあるジャンルやキャラのコスをされている方のコス画像やプロフを覗かせていただいてます。 デカレン、ゴーバス、レスキュー/ファイアー/ドライブが特に好きです。 Archive→No.189929 Hello!Thanks for your visit. My name is Kanon. I like TOKUSATSU( MASKED RIDER,POWER RENGER,TOMICA HERO,GARO,ULTRAMAN, and more. I wanna make many friends.
  • Brazil
    Deviantart: Flickr:
  • Venezuela
    ?Cosplayer| Propmaker ?Tokusatsu Lover | Super Hero lover ?Metalhead | Guitarplayer ?Fitness Adict Follow me as: Instagram: @maskedheromad Facebook: Twitter: Check my Photographer Account :
  • Japan
    Hello. I am a Japanese cosplayer. I started from 2009. Especially my favorite work is Touhou Project, Idol Master, Fleet. Thank you. 初めまして。 Soltyと申します。 神奈川県出身の男性レイヤーです。 女装が多いので苦手な方は、ご注意ください。 特に好きな作品は、 ・東方project ・艦隊これくしょん ・アイドルマスター です。 まったりとやっていくつもりなのでよろしくです。
  • Russia
    Hi! I'm Kitsu - cosplayer from Russia =) I started my long term relationships with the fantastic world of cosplay in 2006. My fitst character was - Robin from anime "Witch Hunter Robin". All my costumes (I name them projects) I made by my own. And for me this part is one of the most exciting in whole process in cosplay. Done last project - Disney Princess MERIDA from Hannah Alexander Artwork. Future projecrs: - Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) - Dream-spinning AHSHA (Vanguard)
  • Colombia
  • Colombia
  • Indonesia
    hi, everyone.. Follow my instagram :Funi Aulia subcribe my youtube :FUNIAULIA thankyou :) last time my name is: Fuminaulia but I've changed sorry :)
  • Japan
    Hi.Thank you for showing me interest. I want to make friends withcosplayers. Feel free to follow me!? ✨Let's enjoy cosplay together!?✨ Thank you. Twitter… Facebook…
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
    Forget it, I don’t want friends who won’t be around tomorrow
  • Turkey