Neji Hyuga (Naruto Shippuden)

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    Hello all, my name is Audi M. Naufal. I'm from Indonesia.. I'm a cosplayer.. Beginner Photographer Cosplayer.. Depok, West Java - Indonesia.. Anime Lovers Japanese Song Lovers My Facebook :
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    静岡県浜松地区にて写真撮影サイト運営、Beeing-Promotion運営、サイト責任者、カサイです。 興行コンセプト、私服ポートレートより各種ジャンル、創作作品のギャラリー公開、メンバーを集めての写真撮影興行を長年行っております。 twitter: サイト: コンセプトはモデルの仕事を通じて美と健康に関心を持つ事、コスチュームに関しては自分で生活費から衣装装備品を捻出している方も多いですが、モデルの業務を行う事によりその経費負担を軽くし、尚且つギャラリー展示より総合評価を頂く、この業界を発展させる事にも繋がります。 造型制作も行う団体です。多くの方に女性の美を広める、美-ing計画を推進しております。
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    Hello, My name´s Anderson, I´m a brazilian cosplayer I hope you enjoy my cosplays Thanks, Salamander cosplayer
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    Hi!~ I am from Taiwan Taipei's Cosplayer and photographer ,nice to meet you!~you can go to see my Facebook,follow or + friends. (Please tall me:) My English is not good..... 夜露死苦!!(請多指教) よろしく(^。^) こんにちは〜ここで台湾のコスプレイヤーは&撮影、 日本人は翻訳ソフトを使用するいくつかの他の必要性を知っています... 日本語勉強><((部分わがない)大好き...SAO/ALO/GGO...Vocaloid..黑子のバスケ...DMMD...進擊の巨人...鋼の鍊金術師,俺プリxCross 名前:ヒュー(修) 大好き日本!!(>﹏<)VOCALOID好き萬年坑 Pixiv: 噗浪PLURK :
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    Welcome to my page! Deviantart: Facebook Page:
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    Hi, my name is 'Haya', I'm from Thailand. MY FB: MY TWITTER: @Miracle_Haya MY INSTAGRAM: Please tell me that you are from World cosplay, I'll accept your request. Nice to meet you all guys. Thank you so much! Haya.
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    Hi everybody I'm a Cosplayer from KOTA KINABALU, SABAH :) hope you guys enjoy my cosplay photo :) Facebook page : Tumblr : Youtube : Instagram : @addysaridi Deviantart : i support Otafuse And MYACON :) Otafuse and MYACON is an Anime,Cosplay ,Game & japanese pop culture convention gatherings organize for fans by fans. support !
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    I am Physical Education Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Cosplayer and amateur photographer. I'm a fan of anime, tokusatsu, comic, cartoon and J-Fashion. Cosplay is a fun hobby for me. Facebook Fanpage:
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    Hi, I'm Greyzlack. Like people around here, I'm a cosplayer and so, a fan of pop culture's universes. I'm the kind of cosplayer who like to be original but also faithful to my subject style. Not necessary with a ton of details, but with the right choice of clothing cut and colors, I think we can obtain a really decent and cool result. But of course, a good cosplay still needs time and money investment, as good as a lot of passion.
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    I'm an older cosplayer that still loves to sit and watch good anime. My cosplays are chosen from what I love to watch and what fits my ahem age...Not everyone I do is know but I still have a great time with friends and that's what it's all about XD
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    Hi! I'm Nexarina, cosplayer/model/blogger from Hungary! <3 I love anime and games, and having fun cosplaying from my favourites! :3 Check out my Facebook for more:
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