Neji Hyuga (Naruto Shippuden)

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    Hey! Xiaomei-art comes from the mix of Xiaoling and Meifeng. We are sisters, Meifeng is the Model, Xiaoling does the makeup, the photos and the editing. We write novels and short stories, most of the cosplays are from these original stories. We are not Chinese, but we love Oriental culture, and everything connected to the Far East. Facebook profile: Gurushots profile:
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    Hi, this is Josie. LOVE COSPLAY! Feel free to talk to me! 嗨這裡是凡克 我除了希望能和各位coser多多交流之外 也有承接以下業務: 設計、攝影、後期、道具製作、繪圖、文字 感謝大家不吝指教以及多多利用我XD Plurk: Lofter: Fan Page: FB:
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    ふらんと申します!関西中心に活動してます。 好きなものを好きなように楽しくやりたい。 主にジョジョの奇妙な冒険の承太郎が好きでやっております。 他の好きでもいっぱいしてます!BLも嗜みます。 よろしくお願いします! Hi! I’m hulan. I am Japanese cosplayer. Thanks for your SUKI. I'm very happy !! I'm playing cosplay for my "LOVE". And I love "Boys Love". Please pay attention... I am sorry that my English is so bad. Best Regards. ☆JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE I love Jotaro a lot !!♡
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    ㋡ Links for contact ㋡ Journal of making off of the book "Becoming another: the art of Cosplay": Project H "Saving ABC Nursery Survivors" Co-Partner Mangaka Karolina: Personal Account:
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    ★Facebook : ☆Instagram : ★Weibo: ☆Twitter: 名稱★雨童Rain 居住在台灣 平時興趣是打英雄聯盟(LOL)以及cosplay 請大家多多指教 ☆Hello everone,My name is Aurora .You can call me Rain too. Live in Taiwan . My hobbies are cosplay and League of Legends. Nice to meet you.
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    日本で細々と活動させてもらっています! 刀剣乱舞、夢100を中心にレイヤーとして活動しています。 シノアリス、FGO、戦国BASARAも好きです。 英語はまだまだ勉強中ですので、メッセージ頂きましたらご返事に時間がかかります(泣) ゆっくりお待ちいただけたらと思います!
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    Hello, My name´s Anderson, I´m a brazilian cosplayer I hope you enjoy my cosplays Thanks, Salamander cosplayer
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    Hello everyone! I'm layra. I am Colombian cosplayer. I want to share with all my experience and work in this world of cosplay, and I hope you like it. cosplay allows us to express ourselves, feel passion for what we do and feel unique. Follow me!!! Facebook: Instagram:
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    Hi i'm Ealize! French cosplayer since 2013. I hope you'll like my costumes! >> FACEBOOK << >> INSTAGRAM <<