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    I'm a 37 year old cosplayer from Texas, USA. I've been cosplaying since I was 17! I love to cosplay, so much! Making friends and taking pictures together is my favorite hobby! Please say hi! Some of my photos are of my roommate(@thedybbukbox), and I make her cosplays, too! I like to take photographs, although I am a novice. My favorite anime is One Piece and Hunter x Hunter! Nice to meet you! Please be my friend! https://twitter.com/MudouSetsuna https://www.instagram.com/mudousetsuna
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    cosplayer michoacano vida videojugadoril Eponimo personaje que según su descripción es un culero...bueno y quien es el verdulero que escribió esto
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    こんにちは、雷翔です ACGのすべて関連項目を愛して 格言は 人生は良いものに使用されます その気無駄に浪費するのではなく FB&お友達を追加大歓迎です 各位好 這裡是雷翔 喜歡各種ACG相關物品 名言是 生命就是要使用在美好事物上 而不是浪費在那該死的廢物上 Hello, everyone here is Ray Shoung scrap waste occasionally sudden rise Like all kinds of ACG related items Famous quote Life is to be used on the good things Rather than wasted on that damn waste FB:https://www.facebook.com/lei.xiang.7 LINE:exam720401 可以的話 請在加的時候告訴我你是誰喔 If you can, please tell me who you are when added Oh
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    こんにちは♪ コスプレが大好きなmaisです! コスプレをする人が増える事が生き甲斐!!! Hello Everyone Cosplay is big, big, favorite man cosplayer mais! I would like to interact with people who like animation, games, cosplay a lot. Thank you very much. The more people enjoying cosplay, the more important is life! ! ! 【コスプレ教室HP】 Cosplay classroom website コスプレのアドバイスを発信しております。 https://series123jp.wixsite.com/cosspot 【Cosplay Year's Archive】 http://www.cosp.jp/prof.aspx?id=419827 【Twitter】 @mais418
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