Rossette Rouss (Rossette Rouss)
  • Spain
    Hello! I'm Jisori ≧ ◡ ≦ Cosplayer from Spain, Barcelona and anime lover I've only been doing cosplay for two years but I try to do my best to make them better. I would like to meet people who like cosplay as much as I do
  • United States
    I am a fashion consultant and I have contributed to the fashion world for decades. I managed a well-known fashion line. I have been lucky enough to work for countless other top brands.Moreover, I presented myself as style model in one of the biggest fashion show few years back. However, Hollywood movies are my passion. Many celebrities have remain my inspiration when it comes to fashion and style..
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  • Philippines
  • Spain
    Instagram :
  • United States
    > cosplay and reenactment. > developer of visual novels > making youtube videos reviewing visual novels *AND FEATURING GOOD COSPLAY IN THE VIDS!* :) ^ contact me if you want your cosplay featured in a video.
  • Taiwan
  • Mexico
    mmm... potato? i am markom :)
  • China
  • Armenia
    Greetings, I'm Morosgovángyi, the bassist of a local band called Lack of Boobs (provisional).
  • Argentina
    Hello, my name is Carolina and my nickname is Natsumi Himichi. I am a sincere and hyperactive girl. I love going to the anime conventions of my country and some years ago I started to give life to my favorite anime characters. But two years ago I'm doing it more seriously, but I'm still a novice in it. So feel free to say if there is something you do not like; Constructive criticism will help me to continue with it. I love manga and videogames. Thank you very much to visit my profile!
  • Japan
    Hello, my name is KIYU. It is a cosplayer active in Japan. Thank you. Twitter▽
  • Germany
  • Peru
    Hi, I am Tierhmaki from peru ;D Soy un cosplayer de peru, me gusta el random :v