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Spent college summers importing weed whackers in the financial sector.Spent 2001-2006 working with swimming pools designer Katy Tx .Handled the tasks of taking up preventive measurements for maintenance of building, pool, spa and common areas. Analyzed results of operations for substantial gains and more efficient utilization of resources.
  • WorldCosplay No.763897
  • Género Not set
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  • ひかるこ
  • Shirosaki Momoko
  • Khainsaw
  • Illige
  • Inglaterra Cosplay
  • 小鱼KIKO
  • 世界レイナ
  • Fatih Rizky Uchida
  • Lenneth
  • 倉坂くるる
  • シャイン車韵 Cher-in
  • Natsuki Jiro
  • FujiYuu富士优