Sonika at FotoCon

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  • Russia
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    ♥ v o c a l o i d ♥ x H a t su n e M i k u x
  • Germany
  • France
    Hello ! I'm Luka~ French cosplayer I love anime, craft, cosplay, art, music and ... food (≧∇≦)/ I'll be very happy to meet new people <3 ! Follow me on Facebook (*^▽^*) : I'm on Instagram too :
  • Italy
    Hi there!We are a couple of cosplayer,and we do cosplay since 2010.We really love to build weapon and armor for our cosplay,and we try to improve our work even if we don't have much time really! Feal free to message me =) Deviantart id:
  • Macao
    只是一個少女。 舊帳號已刪 事隔多年重開新帳號 舊/新照 緩慢更新中 沒什麼照片 只是隨便貼貼 plurk / instagram : zadx0x -- ?ときメモGS1~3 ?テニプリ ?弱虫ペダル ?おジャ魔女どれみ ?GUMI ?夢100 -- 搭訕歡迎~ シクヨロ♪♪
  • Glo
  • Czech Republic
    Hi! Choco here ^.^ I'm cosplayer from Czech Republic. I love chocolate, spleeping and dancing. Please visit me on: FB: DA: IG: Thank you for your visit. ^.^
  • Poland
    Trust me, I'm a Dolphin >w<
  • Poland
    Hi. I' Kirimichi ,a polish cosplayer
  • Czech Republic
    Cora Miyaney Cosplayer from the Czech Republic... 【Instagram】 【FB】 【Twitter】 【Tumblr】 【Ask】 【YT】
  • Czech Republic
    Hello cuties!! ^…^ I am Miyu, fail cosplayer from Czech Republic! I love cosplaying more then everything else and I love every other cosplayers! My other pages: DeV: FB: *--* As a student I don't really have much money, so If you like my cosplays or my little self. Or want to see more of my work. - You could just be my Patron Thank youu a lot. :)
  • Czech Republic
    Hi, I'm JunS ^^ I'm cosplayer from Czech Republic I love anime and manga :3 VOCALOID!!! Gakupo is my love <3 I like j-rock, jpop and kpop I really love sewing :3 my FB: Instagram:
  • France
    ☆I'm Ayu a french cosplayer o/ I do cosplay since 2014 ♥ ☆ Fb : ☆ DA : ☆ IG :
  • Slovakia
    Hi ! :3 I'm Kukii. I love cookies, animals and my wife (っˇωˇc)♡ ! ~ ☆ Facebook: ☆ Cosplan: ☆ Instagram :