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  • Viet Nam
    I am Himeogi I know play Piano, organ, ukulele, guzheng, pipa I can speak English, Japanese Nice to meet you ! わたし わ ひめおぎ です よろしくおねがいします! Everybody can see cosplay pictures and my lolita fashion pictures at : [ Instagram ] :www.instagram.com/himeogi [ Twitter ] : https://twitter.com/himeogi
  • China
    影をのみ御手洗川のつれなきに 身の忧きほどぞいとど知らるる ——六条御息所《源氏物语》
  • Macao
  • Germany
  • Taiwan
  • Juu
    Hi everyone! I'm the Russian cosplayer and sewing. Hope you enjoy my work! ✨ Thank you for the favorite and the follow. Please message me when you want to contact me or have a question I'll try my best to reply all of them ~ Follow me on other networks: ✨ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayamur4ik.cosplay ✨ Instagram: juu_ayamur4ik ✨ KakaoTalk ID: ayamur4ik If you like my cosplay and photos, you can support me on ✨ ask me about it personally ✨
  • Japan
    関西でまったり活動しております。 立海、四天、氷帝大好きです。 *他好き ウルフズレイン 攻殻機動隊 DTB 銀河鉄道の夜 HP 幕末機関説いろはにほへと ガンダムSEED あの花 ヘタリア タイバニ FF9 FF10 アビス かなりの雑食^///^ とくにウルフズレインはすごい好きで、まわりがドン引きするぐらい好きです(笑)
  • rui
  • United States
  • France
    Hi everyone! I'm Liarina a french cosplayer. Impossible to connect to my old count because he was with my old FB count. So here a new start! Hope you enjoy! Look Facebook for more pictures (WIP, expo,...) : https://www.facebook.com/liarina13/ Deviantart : http://liarina.deviantart.com/
  • Japan
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  • South Korea
    Greetings! i'm hyan il Pack I'm studying Photographty, so i sometimes taking Cosplay pic
  • Philippines
    Domo Dudes & Dudettes! Been cosplaying since Dec. 2015. Still a newbie cosplayer but I intend to get better little by little! Please support me and I will try my best to respond back! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! Till next time, Be Awsum Stay Awsum! FB account: https://m.facebook.com/Hirata.e.Rikachu?ref=bookmarks https://m.facebook.com/zeawsumrik.rik?ref=bookmarks
  • UAE