Constantine B2 (Insang Bae)
South Korea
  • Hong Kong
    在下是雪兒凜子是也 我是在2016年8開始玩Cosplay請大家多多指教 大家好,我係來自香港的Cosplayer的雪兒凜子,我主要的工作是同人插畫丶電玩和Cosplay,請大家多多指教和喜歡我的Cos作品!我的目標是加入9RUSH及V-porject 的組合及站在同一個舞台。 中文:雪兒凜子 英文:Ciel Rinko 職業:屯門展亮學生 Cosplay歷:2年 電玩歷:12年 第一次Cos角色:大和守安定(刀剣乱舞) 喜愛的動漫:女神異聞錄5 喜愛的動漫角色:佐倉雙葉 Facebook: 雪兒凜子-粉絲專頁: Cosp: Pixiv:
  • China
  • Thailand
    Hi,I am a Cosplay photographer I have a name Tor
  • South Korea
    반갑습니다:D I'm South Korea Cosplayer nath Nice to meet you Twitter: blog :
  • South Korea
    고전 작품들 위주로 코스프레 하고 있습니다:) Twitter : thank's for follow me!:)♥ 日本語は少しできます
  • South Korea
    한국 중부권 코스어 달꽃입니다:) 클램프 사쿠라, 보컬로이드, 러브라이브 좋아합니다! 그 외로 한국적인 것, 고전만화 좋아해요! Hello :D I'm South Korea Cosplayer, Moon Flower :) I like Captors Sakura!! And, Lovelive, vocaloid like too. 취향맞는 분들의 연락은 언제나 환영입니다*ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚ Twitter @andante142857
  • Brazil
    Hello, My name´s Anderson, I´m a brazilian cosplayer I hope you enjoy my cosplays Thanks, Salamander cosplayer
  • Spain
    Yafira's page: Cosplayer, cosmaker, model, gamer. ★Oficial Page: ★Facebook: ★YouTube: ★Twitter: ★Instagram: ★DevianART: ★Twitch: ★Ko-Fi: Thanks for your support!
  • Australia
    Hello! my name is Charlie :) I'm 27 years old. a Cosplayer from Ballarat, Australia nice to meet you. Facebook: Instagram:
  • Cambodia
    I'm RAziel, a female Cambodian Coser >w< I don't really post here anymore TwT I'm active on my fb page: and also my IG: @razielswings
  • Brazil
    Welcome to my page! Deviantart: Facebook Page:
  • Brazil
    Hello, I'm Heloana. Nice meet You!! Patreon : Fan page on Facebook : Cure No. 370483 Deviantart : Flickr : instagram : @wongcosplaybr Yam :
  • Air
    South Korea
    Hello~ I'm a Korean costumeplayer "Air" Nice to meet you Please follow me! Thank you ? 안녕하세요! 아마도 전국권 코스어 Air입니다 카카오스토리로 친추걸어 주실분들은 haeun7902 로 해주세요! twitter @Air_7902
  • United States
    Hello everyone my name is Austin you can call me senpai I am a pretty outgoing guy i am a beginner in cosplay and hoping to make many friends on here from all different kinds of countries.. I hope we can all enjoy cosplay and get lots of experiences from it ^^ I don't have much to say but i guess I can say im a video game anime collector and I have a pretty good idea on what cosplay I want to do next if anybody wants to recommend me some ideas I would love that...
  • South Korea
    Hi, I'm mori! :D Cos Name:ジャガイモ,Potato,Mori 可愛くないニックネームだが、よろしくお願いします ☆ Costume play since 2009. Love♥ VOCALOID / BAKUMAN / (LN)B.A.D / R.O.D / D.Gray-man
  • Philippines
    Hi I'm Jigen Satto I'm from Philippines .. ^_^ I was a Cosplayer before but shifted to Cosplay Photography :) ( well sometimes i still do cosplaying :D ) **** **** ***** here are my Facebook account: and my Photography Page in Facebook: hope you would like my works ;) i willl share also here my cosplays .. LETS BE FRIENDS AND EXCHANGE HEARTS ;)