Trafalgar Donquixote (Traf)
  • Italy
    Hey guys! I'm a simple crazy otaku nerd but you can call me Alex! I'm a Software and Game developer and my passion for anime( my favorite is gainax stuff like Evangelion , Diebuster , FLCL and Panty & Stocking),manga,cosplay and videogames started with Final fantasy,Metal Gear solid and others J-RPG(Disgaea,Breath of fire,Tales of Symphonia,ecc').
  • Belarus
  • Russia
    Всем привет! Меня зовут Диана, и я являюсь косплеером Лары Крофт. Очень приятно, что вы разделяете со мной любовь к расхитительнице гробниц) Instagram: _dicroft_
  • Philippines
    As a child, anime has been a big part of my great childhood. I am really inspired with the series I've watched, but I never really imagined myself portraying them in the future. Yet, here I am now. I started cosplaying in 2016, and right now, I am planning to fulfill my dream to accomplish my cosplans. 💕 Let's be friends! ✨ Instagram:
  • Indonesia
    I'm Mei ♡ Yoroshiku !! From Sidoarjo Indonesia. 123meisyalala [ID Line] @zocsurabayaofficial @meisyalalachan Cosplay|Draw|Song
  • United States
    Queen Elsa cosplayer (Instagram @arendelle_ice_queen).
  • France
  • Belgium
    hello everyone , welcome to my cosplay profile. i'm Erine DW or Emilie. a cosplayer from belgium I am a little cosplayer who still has a lot to learn AND I LIKE COOKIES this is my coplay page on facebook and i hope you like my page ^^ ps: sorry my english is not verry good
  • India
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  • Mexico
  • Japan
    葉月瑠羽です♪ コスプレ撮影大好きです!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 最近、撮影復活しました!
  • Japan
    Dino所属《マシュマロ3d+✩ソーダ》《ラムタラエピカリ専属アイドル》コスプレ・アニメ・旅行だいすき乃木坂・欅坂・けやき坂・コウペンちゃん大すき♡ むっちりむっつりスケベでえっち大好き|ω・*)/♡
  • Singapore
    Hello! My name is Lerie and I'm an aspiring cosplayer from Asia. I'm just new at cosplay so I would be more happy if I get to know a lot of friends here in the cosplay community that would help me gain confidence and experience in cosplay world. Also, please support me on this journey!! I'm open for cosplay suggestions if you have. Thank you so much <3 <3 Here are my social media accounts: Instagram: lerie_cos twitter: coslerie
  • Italy
    I my name is mana = 3 I hope you like my pictures <3
  • Mexico